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Content Creator Requirements

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Content Creator Rank

What is this role?:

The Content Creator rank is for any ordinary folk who owns a channel on content creation platforms, we have some very simple and fair requirements for the role.
The reason we have requirements set up is for this very reason, obtaining the role shows that you're trusted from the content you post and we feel as if the content being uploading/streamed is viable to represent our community. 

The only benefit from this rank is exposure, obtaining such a rank will place you in areas of which the opportunity of exposure occurs. 
This follows with social media response, if Tweeted in regards of your stream whilst on our community, a retweet will be given.


Streaming platforms;
- Affiliation (shows us that terms of service on those platforms are followed and a viable punishment will be dealt if violated).

- Appropriate content following Terms of Service.



Withholding this role is a somewhat form of respect and that should be followed by the return of you.
Other small things are;
- Maturity
- Lambasting

Maturity is a must, we'd prefer to step away from toxic and immature players, as this isn't the content we'd wish to promote.
Lambasting, if caught talking badly about our community not providing any forms of constructive criticism or failing to make contact to the right people a removal of said rank will be necessary.

All enquiries, issues or concerns about this rank should be sent to bxnesk. 
This includes but is not limited to rank enquiries or reports of content creators.

This is an opportunity, not a right.


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