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    Server Rules

  • Server Rules

    - Respect all players and staff

    - Do not use hacks

    - Do not spam

    Do not post links

    - Do not troll

    - Do not abuse bugs, glitches, etc.

    - Do not ban evade

    - Do not use offensive language

  • Discord Rules

    - Do not disrespect staff nor any players
    - Be friendly and respectful towards everyone
    - Do not post 18+ content, screamers or any sort of gore links
    - Do not excessively troll
    - Do not bring up inappropriate or illegal topics during a discussion
    - Do not attempt to sell accounts, ranks or anything else.
    - Do not use any sort of offensive language towards ANYONE, this is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban from the discord server
    - Do not heavily breath, shout or squeal into your microphone when in a call
    - Do not use voice changers
    - If you see any of the rules above broken by ANY player, please let the staff know as fast as possible
    - Do not tag multiple roles/people or @ everyone unless it's completely necessary
    - If anyone is banned, do not bring it up in public discussion - you will be muted
    - Contact the Discord Manager if you have any questions about the discord 
    - Do not do anything that violates the Discord TOS (including Selfbots)

  • Forum Rules

    - Be respectful to all users

    - Do not spam comments

    - Do not spam create threads

    - Do not post troll Staff applications

    - Do not bump/necro post

    - Do not advertise/post links

    - Do not harass users by using the Forums

  • By playing on the server, you agree to these rules.
    When in doubt, contact a staff member.


    Rules are subject to change without notice.

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