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  • VirtualMC Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

  • Allowed Mods:
    - Optifine
    - Pingmod (seeing the Ping of a player in tab/above the head)
    - Shaders
    - DirectionHUD (seeing your Coords)
    - Armor Status (only for your Player)
    - Potion Status (only for your Player)
    - Replay Mod
    Forbidden Mods:
    - Minimap (seeing players, mobs, Caves, etc)
    - Damage Indicator (Including Health Bars)
    - Any kind of hack clients (including x-ray etc)
    - Bigger and Brighter Nicknames (Including changing nicknames on your site)
    - Better Sprint
    - Smart Moving


  • If a modification is not listed here and you are unsure, ask a staff member

    Further edits may occur in the future without notice

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